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The TR40 cabinet x-ray scanner is designed with a compact footprint, yet has a larger chamber than the TR15, therefore is the ideal x-ray scanner  for when you want the best in class detection and image capabilities but also have the requirement scan mail sacks, large boxes, parcels and courier deliveries.

The TR40 mailroom x-ray scanner can be used for incoming mail, packages, bags and also for loss prevention; where you would scan items leaving the building for the reduction of theft. The TR40 is a cost effective way to protect your staff, premises and ensure minimal disruption to your business.  If a threat is discovered and due to the compact size of the TR40 it can be used in all areas including mailrooms and reception areas.

The TR40 x-ray scanner will still produce high resolution images ideal for explosive detection (IEDs), chemical and biological agents, weapons, drugs and malicious items. This x-ray scanner also has built in enhanced powder detection (EPD)  software which  is unique to Todd Research and is designed to help the operator with powder detection such as Anthrax and Ricin.

The TR40 is the x-ray scanner of choice for a number of clients within multiple industry sectors and meets the demands of stringent  health and safety rules (IRR1999) and represents a reliable security investment.

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