Our History

The early days

    • Todd Research Limited was formed in January 1950, designing and manufacturing equipment for the medical and veterinary sectors. In 1973, Todd Research developed the first X-ray scanner for the mailroom evolving into a business focused purely on the development and supply of a range of X-ray, metal detection and blast suppression equipment for public and private organisations of all sizes.

    • November 2005 Asfare Group purchased Todd Research Ltd. 

    • March 2007, Asfare Group plc was acquired by a leading fire & rescue services business in a reverse merger transaction. Todd Research continued to trade under this name.

    • December 2010 the acquisition of the business was announced in a Management Buy Out (MBO). 

    • In April 2012 the company announced a new era in the company evolution, which better reflected both its market leadership and commitment to innovation. The company changed the name to Supply Plus Ltd.

    • Although the identity has changed Todd Research continues to supply its specialised equipment to a diverse international customer base while ensuring that the new direction of Supply Plus Ltd  maintains the focus on putting safety at the heart of all its activities.

    Todd Research today

    With customers in over 80 countries, Todd Research is able to call upon a combination of expert market knowledge and excellent product reputation in order to deliver  security solutions for a wide cross-section of organisations. Customers range from Government, (we supply British Embassies around the world), to Private companies (supplying over one third of the constituents of the FTSE 100, as well as many global banking and insurance groups).


    Todd Research supplies all sizes of X-ray scanners from desktop scanners (TR10) through to a range of conveyor baggage scanners (TR70) and scanners for cargo applications (see our TR Cargo). This is complemented by a comprehensive range of equipment for the detection of explosives narcotics and weapons utalising  Trace, Ferromagnetic and metal detection.

    Continued commitment to R&D

    Through research and development and communication with government, police and heads of business security, Todd Research is able to create innovations in X-ray screening that set the standard the world over, including Colortrace® III, EPD® (Enhanced Powder Detection), Remote Operation and DEXGIL, the world’s first hand baggage X-ray conveyor with EDS – Explosive Detection System.

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