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The Financial Services sector has long relied on mailroom security solutions from Todd Research. In recent years the focus on the commercial activities of organisations in this sector have served to make them potentially greater targets for suspect devices.

How we can help

We understand the professional standards required by financial institutions and the impact (e.g. high cost) of office/trading floor evacuations due to suspect packages. Possible threats may come from disgruntled employees and activist groups and we know how to detect and prevent these threats being realised.

Typical products purchased include the TR10, TR15 and TR70.

In the City of London, Financial Services customers generally have very large offices with central mailrooms and some satellites. Their particular choice of unit (s) will depend on their risk assessments and unique office configuration. The TR10 is becoming more popular in Receptions and Goods In bays which are normally quite small and this unit can fit on or under a counter. Otherwise, the TR15 is probably the most common scanner found in a mailroom.

The TR70 is our flagship conveyor scanner and can scan in excess of 280 units/hour (assuming a well trained operator). This would be employed where every item of mail in a large office (< 2000 staff) was security scanned.

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