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In this era of rapid response, reputation and market share can easily erode following an inadequate response in the wake of a period of disruption.

It is critical a business continues delivering products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident. This is only possible within a solid framework of defined plans that will underpin these activities, enabling your organisation to recover quickly and effectively from any type of disruption whatever its size or cause.

When it comes to continuity of mail processing Todd Research can assist in a number of ways. This can be as part of the pre planning and logistics capability, where the requirement is for scanning equipment to be housed at an offsite hub to be called to action in the event of an incident. Alternatively the organisation can hire equipment via Todd Research that can be rapidly deployed at your business continuity site at short notice.

Whatever direction you take, Todd Research professionals will work alongside your disaster mitigation team to enable your business to continue accepting mail in a safe and efficient way.


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