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Most businesses and other organisations even in this age of electronic communication rely on the ability to receive and send physical items of mail. Mail presents various potentially significant vulnerabilities. Mail streams into and within an organisation provide an opportunity for malicious attacks and scope for other security incidents, which can adversely affect the day-to-day business of the organization, as well as its reputation.

Who commissioned PAS 97:2012?

It was commissioned by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), who provided the initial draft for development. Its production was facilitated by the British Standards Institution (BSI) with input from a panel of industry experts.

What is PAS 97:2012?

Is a specification for mail screening and security within your organisation? It contains everything you need to help identify and implement appropriate postal security and screening measures that address the risks your organization faces.

Who is it for? PAS 97:2012?

The document provides requirements and recommendations for mail screening, set within the broader context of postal security. It is targeted at those responsible for planning, delivering or procuring mail handling and screening services within organisations, as well as commercial providers of such services. The focus is on letters and small parcels entering the organisation from any external source, including public/commercial postal services, by hand or by courier delivery.

Todd Research can assist you in creating the most effective mailroom to combat these threats.

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