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Two levels, one quality

Using X-ray equipment within an organisation also brings certain obligations. From years of experience and knowledge in the field of ionising radiation, the Todd Research team will guide you through the areas of compliance, ensuring your organisation is able meet the relevant standards.

Todd Research provides a range of services and support packages to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Whether a basic cost-effective cover or a fully comprehensive service enabling you to budget and manage cost, Todd Research delivers.

Level #1 - Mandatory

To ensure equipment continually complies with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999 (IRR99) and to maximise uptime Todd Research provides pre-planned service calls during which the required safety checks are undertaken and subsequently certificated to ensure compliance.

Click here to download The Ionising Radiations Regulations

Level #2 – Fully Comprehensive

For most clients the preferred option is Fully Comprehensive maintenance, which includes all the peace of mind of Mandatory (below). In addition the Fully Comprehensive package also benefits from the added value of no additional costs for parts and labour in the event of an engineer needing to make an unplanned visit.* A complimentary place at one of Todd Research’s ‘Safe or Suspect’ training courses is included with refresher training available at each planned service visit at no additional cost.

*Subject to terms and conditions.


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