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Standard Test Piece (STP Kit)

The standard Test Piece (STP Kit) has been manufactured to a specification from the U.K. Home Office, Department of Environment and Department for Transport and is used to ensure baggage X-ray machines used operationally in airports meet a minimum performance standard. The STP contains a series of tests to determine penetration and resolution of the X-ray system, whilst determining whether or not the system is capable of defining the difference between organic and inorganic materials. The test piece is approximately A4 in size and housed within a robust plastic case to guard against damage. To challenge the machines performance, the STP is run through the X-ray machine. The subsequent image is evaluated to determine system performance. Various image processing functions can be used to achieve the best possible image for assessment.    

Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP)

To capture the specific requirements for the screening of mail The UK Mail Screening Test Piece has been designed by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), at the request of and in association with CPNI.  The MSTP contains some tests utilised within the STP, as well as specific mail screening tests added to enable specific assessment of the performance of conveyor X-ray machines and cabinet X-ray scanners for the screening of mail items.  

Walk Through Metal Detector Test Piece (WTMD)

To ensure walk through metal detectors (Archway Detectors) are performing to standard and are calibrated to detect potentially dangerous devices the regular use of this test piece will enable users to challenge and if required recalibrate their equipment. The Test Piece is manufactured in compliance to the Department for Transport and ECAC requirements.        

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