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Why attend the Radiation Protection Supervisors Training?

The Radiation Employer has a responsibility to restrict exposures to all staff working with or near an X-ray device. The Todd Research Postal X-ray Scanner, as a source of X-rays, is subject to the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99) for the protection of persons in the workplace, even though the equipment is built to a high standard for optimal protection of security staff when operating the device.

To ensure robust management of radiation safety, it is prudent to appoint one or more individuals as Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), to be the focal point for radiological protection and ensure compliance with the IRR99 and other regulations listed in the Appendix below. There is a statutory basis for appointing an RPS.

What will I learn on Radiation Protection Supervisors Training?

As the RPS you receive formal training in your duties and a good appreciation of the radiation risk. The training is pitched at a suitable level for those new to the subject, focusing on practical measures for protecting operators & staff. It includes:

  • The duties of the RPS for ensuring on-going safety.

  • The nature of the X-ray hazard, the magnitude of the operational risk, the controls and safety features built into the device.

  • Ionising radiations: Types of radiation; radioactive decay; units of activity; half-life; energies; sealed sources; radiation; X-ray scanning equipment; properties of the radiations – by demonstration.

  • Radiation dose and effects on health: Dose quantities and units; background exposures; benchmarks of dose; immediate and long term effects on health; statutory dose limits and the ALARP principle.

  • Principles of protection: Time, distance, shielding; the 'inverse square law'; duties given to the RPS for ensuring both regulatory compliance and optimal radiation safety in the use of the Todd Research postal scanner.

  • Management of radiation safety: Protection of persons by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 with reference to Todd Research postal scanners.

Who should attend Radiation Protection Supervisors Training?

  • At least one person in the mail room, facilities management or security who is responsible for the safe functioning of your x-ray scanner.

  • Anyone who has an interest or responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the people in your organisation.

What if I attend Radiation Protection Supervisors Training?

You can rest assured that you understand and are able to implement best practice in order to demonstrate that your organisation has taken all reasonable precautions to protect the welfare of your operators and employees.

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