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Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to educate and inform your staff about modern day terrorist threats concerning the organisation’s incoming mail & front of house routine, and equip them with the necessary skills for intelligent suspect package recognition and subsequent risk management.  By raising awareness and encouraging planning and preparedness, this course will help to protect your resources and assets, allay fears, reduce panic, and ensure continuity of workflow.  It will also serve to reduce uncertainty and get delegates thinking positively about enhancing your contingency arrangements and building evacuation procedures.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with responsibility for risk management, contingency planning, facilities management or security management, including front of house staff and security personnel.

  • Anyone tasked with the responsibility for handling incoming mail (letters, packets or parcels) from postal operators or private carriers.  Such individuals may include front of house staff, post room staff, security personnel, receptionists, internal messengers, secretaries, personal assistants and porters.

Why you should attend

This course will show you how to manage 21st century risks in a reasonable and responsible manner, and in a way that allows you to minimise any disruption to your enterprise.  Events in London on 07/07/2005 and 21/07/2005 have highlighted how the terrorist world has changed and become more disparate and fragmented in recent years. By far the safest methods of delivering an act of terrorism to an organisation or a high profile individual, with the least chance of being detected, is either to enter an organisations premises and simply place the item in such a way as appear innocuous or by having the item delivered via the postal system.  Thus, your collective safety, together with the burden of being alert and acting responsibility, rests firmly upon your own staff.

What the training course will cover

  • Threat assessment, profile of a terrorist and how the threat would be carried out.

  • The different types of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

  • Detailed make up and construction of an IED.

  • Recommended actions to be taken upon the discovery of a suspected IED (as taught to the Police).

  • Information required by the emergency services.

  • Chemical, Biological & Radiological (CBR) devices and materials.

  • Recommended actions to be taken upon discovery of suspected CBR devices or materials.

  • Specific Information regarding a CBRN incident required by the emergency services.

  • A confirmation exercise

  • Prevention & detection measures

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