On Christmas Day 2023, Al-Qaeda reportedly threatened attacks against Western and Jewish targets, including U.S. airlines, prominent figures, and iconic locations. The threat was made on video, and included detailed bomb-making instructions and tips for evading airport security to board flights undetected. This threat was brought to light by several US federal authorities, including the TSA and law enforcement agencies, who informed Fox News Digital that they were aware of the video and were monitoring the situation closely.

The TSA acknowledged the threats and released a statement saying that they were “not aware of any credible threats resulting from this video to date,” but were on high alert nonetheless. Over a million people were expected to flock to major cities to ring in the New Year, prompting the TSA and other agencies to remain vigilant in their efforts to ensure safety and security for all.

In response to the threat, several measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of U.S. airlines, prominent figures, and iconic locations. The TSA and other law enforcement agencies have been monitoring the situation closely and have been on high alert since the threat was made.

To prevent any potential attacks, the TSA has implemented stricter security measures at airports across the country. This includes enhanced screening procedures for passengers and their luggage, as well as increased surveillance and monitoring of airport facilities. Additionally, law enforcement agencies have increased their presence at prominent locations and events, to deter any potential threats.

In light of the threat, the TSA also issued a warning to all air travellers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or behaviour they may observe. Passengers were advised to arrive at the airport earlier than usual to allow for additional time needed for screening procedures. Furthermore, the TSA urged passengers to follow all instructions given by airport security personnel and to report any concerns they may have.

Todd Research have been working closely with a major US airline to improve the standard of the final search of airline carts. Todd Research have installed a dedicated X-ray machine, the TR STS. This conveyor x-ray scanner has been designed and built specifically for the screening of airline carts, containing items such as Food, Equipment, and Beverages. This machine has substantially increased the ability of security staff to identify threat items, security operatives are trained to interpret the X-Ray image and to identify all forms of suspicious and potentially dangerous goods. Covert testing is being used to test both the machine and the Security operatives ability to find example test pieces, to date 100% of such items have been identified. The TR-STS represents a major leap in x-ray technology and the fight against terrorism, ensuring the next level of security for air travel.