Partnering with Train 2 Protect International Ltd, we are delighted to offer training on Suspect Package recognition and control.

The aim of this Suspect Package training course is to educate and inform your staff about modern day terrorist threats concerning the organisation’s incoming mail & front of house routine, and equip them with the necessary skills for intelligent suspect package recognition and subsequent risk management.

By raising awareness and encouraging planning and preparedness, this course will help to protect your resources and assets, allay fears, reduce panic, and ensure continuity of workflow.

It will also serve to reduce uncertainty and get delegates thinking positively about enhancing your contingency arrangements and building evacuation procedures.

What the training course will cover

  • Threat – a general overview of the current threat, threat levels and how they may affect business, recent and historical postal
  • Method of attack – Potential methods and types of devices
  • Effects of explosives – this can assist clients with determining evacuation procedures
  • Action on a find – includes explosive, non-explosive, legal and illegal finds
  • White powders – Chemical/biological
  • Postal devices – Additional risk identifiers