The Garrett Paragon boasts the finest qualities of its forerunners, along with fresh and innovative setup and operation features and a unique, appealing design. A dependable detector that’s adaptable and connectable is essential for mission critical security systems, and the Paragon delivers on all these aspects and more.

With its user-empowering features and high-performance detection capabilities, Paragon sets the standard for high-security detection. This device boasts more program options than ever before,
improved sensitivity, and interference immunity, allowing you to catch the ferrous and non-ferrous metallic contraband you need to detect.
Whether you’re at a stadium, courthouse, theme park, or school, Paragon can adapt to your needs at any given moment. Respond swiftly with flexible settings and top-notch mobility, guaranteeing that you can handle surprise traffic changes or unforeseen circumstances in real-time.

Improve Your Security Checkpoints with the Paragon Ambiscan Feature
Paragon offers a unique feature called Ambiscan that allows one detector to perform the role of two. Supervisors can now set two distinct sensitivities based on the direction of traffic. This means you cancatch weapons coming in and company property going out.

Exclusive Features: Double the Detection
The Paragon, boasting a dual transmit and receive capability, is a groundbreaking industry-first from Garrett. This unique feature results in several benefits, including:

  • Uniform detection throughout the walkthrough portal. Unlike single-sided detectors that experience falloff as the transmit strength varies, the Paragon eliminates this weakness.
  • Streamlined multi-unit installation.
  • With double the perspective, the Paragon can account for and eliminate interference caused by other nearby walkthroughs.
  • Advanced target analysis.
  • The Paragon’s bilateral screening is like electromagnetic binocular vision, aiding the detector’s
    precision in identifying and distinguishing objects within the portal


Discover Unmatched Target Detection with Paragon
With 66 zones and left/centre/right identification of targets across 22 horizontal bands, Paragon is at the forefront of the industry. Its high-resolution detection technology enables operators to quickly and efficiently identify targets during secondary screening without losing focus on the checkpoint. For added convenience, Paragon features Zone Boost, which highlights high-risk areas and allows for independent adjustment of all 22 horizontal bands to address the detection needs of your facility with maximum finesse.