Conveyor X-ray Scanners

Todd Research is a leading supplier of conveyor x-ray scanners and baggage scanning systems. Our image recognition technology quickly and easily identifies the material composition of scanned objects and enables (TIP) Threat Image Projection; a virtual image management tool, which ensures that screening performance is always maximised.


When space is in short supply the TR50A x-ray scanner allows you the opportunity to avoid compromising on threat detection capability. At just 70cm wide and 120cm long this Conveyor X-ray Scanner can fit into any security checkpoint, busy mailroom environment or other space where sophisticated baggage and cargo scanning is needed.

The small profile does not hinder the TR50A’s ability to reliably detect substances and identify threats. This scanner comes with the ability to automatically identify threats as well as dual energy imaging of the system with colour coding of different atomic numbers to help the screening specialist to easily identify dangerous objects inside parcels or bags.

The compact size of the TR50A maximises space without any compromise on detection capability. Equipped with a 22” LED monitor and a 64x zoom, this scanner enables operators to view items in colour and black and white simultaneously to ensure optimum interpretation of screened items. It accommodates baggage and mail 500mm x 355mm.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR50A

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Weighing just 160kg and with its ergonomic design the TR50LT is ideally suited for most corridors and doorway entrances. It’s at home in restricted spaces with just a 60cm width, paired with the TR50LT’s ability to work flawlessly without any specialist equipment or staff, makes this conveyor a perfect addition to any security checkpoint.

Functionally the TR50LT comes packaged with a unique touch screen interface to provide quick, easy and effective operation. As well as this the TR50LT has the ability to accurately detect metal and organic objects; weapons, explosives, liquids, narcotics, contraband, passed through the conveyor right out of the box, with minimal setup required.

Supplementary features of the TR50LT are designed to enhance image clarity and the identification of suspicious elements picked up by the scanner. The TR50LT allows for image inversion as well as edge enhancement, algorithmic contrast enhancements along with standard features such as atomic number calculation, high density alert and TIP.

The TR50LT is a self contained solution intended to significantly improve checkpoint security without any negative effect of the operational process.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR50LT

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The TR70A is our most popular conveyor model, offering vital protection against terrorist threats in high throughput receptions, postal and loading areas. The innovative system operates advanced X-ray technology with superior image quality and network connectivity, enabling operators to easily integrate the scanner into existing security systems.

The TR70A is an x-ray scanner that’s ideal for cost-effective, large capacity scanning solution for a range of baggage sizes in a range of environments.
The TR70A is compact; only 80cm across, allowing you to position it at checkpoints no matter what the space. It’s smaller profile does not impact performance though, as this conveyor scanner can handle baggage up to 180kg.

We package the TR70A with a specialist software package to assist operators in the quick, correct identification of threats and substances, Todd Research’s conveyor x-ray scanners come packaged with TIP, atomic number identifiers, automatic threat highlight, zoom up to 96x, automatic firearm detection and more.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR70A

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The TR70-DV is a reliable, optimal and cost-effective security solution which provides enhanced threat and contraband detection capabilities. The system is intended to make security screening process effective, fast and automated.

Due to its optimal tunnel size, the system can be used at any facilities and within any application scenario. It does not require any additional security infrastructure and can be easily relocated as appropriate.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR50A

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The TR80A is a specialist solution for x-ray scanning of rolling baggage, parcels and cargo within a compact and supportive package. This Conveyor Scanner allows operators to quickly scan and identify potential threats in a variety of environments with cleverly integrated software features.

The TR80A x-ray conveyor scanner is the ideal solution for rapid checkpoint scanning with limited staff as it automatically calibrates it’s x-ray scanner detector without operator input. As well as this the TR80A provides a robust software package including TIP, zoom up to 96x with all of the colour correction, atomic number display and threat highlighting that comes as part of the Todd Research range of conveyor x-ray scanners.

The detection system allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number recognition.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR80A

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The TR100A is X-Ray conveyor baggage inspection system designed with a large tunnel size for larger baggage and object inspection. The large tunnel size of this scanner does not come at the cost of space though as the TR100A is just 120cm wide so provides a convenient x-ray scanning system for large baggage and small cargo even in tight spaces.

This inspection system offers a sophisticated technology, large tunnel size and minimum inspection time with no need for unpacking and opening the inspected objects. Paired with a supportive software package which allows operators to quickly analyse and identify potential threats and substances.

The TR100A is a very convenient and effective solution for sites where large baggage and small cargo control is required. It has an easy loading design with a lower deck pallet of just 300 mm height.

This Conveyor Scanner meets the requirements of customs facilities, airports, logistics companies or wherever security screening of larger, heavy packages is required.  This unit guarantees high throughput and effective screening.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR100A

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The TR100A-DV is a dual view x-ray baggage inspection system designed to provide effective inspection of baggage, parcels and small cargo.

This scanner uses a dual screen layout and scanner function for identification of substances under their effective atomic number and density, using two different projections and simultaneous analyses of images from both detectors.

The dual scanner layout of the TR100A-DV offers operators maximum capacity to identify substances and detect threats. Within the software the operator is given support from various features including the ability to pseudo colour images and zoom up to 96x.

The TR100A-DV is also supported with the standard features exclusive to the Todd Research range including gamma correction, colouring based on atomic number identification, TIP, image inversion, and automatically highlighted threats. The dual scanner/screen layout coupled with support software greatly increases the detection probability of hazardous & prohibited items.

The TR100A-DV meets the requirements of customs facilities, airports, logistics companies or wherever security screening of larger, heavy packages is required.  This unit guarantees high throughput and effective screening.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR100A-DV

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The X-ray Inspection System, TR-STS trolley scanner, is a specially designed system for the inspection of airline service trolleys. The specially designed U-shaped detectors allows you to achieve 100% inspection o f an airline service trolley, complete with food and beverages.

Special Automatic Doors are used instead of the usual protective rubber curtains which increases throughput.

Dual Energy Technology provides automatic colour coding of materials according to their effective atomic numbers.

Image Processing Features including material separation colour display, pseudo colour, black and white image, positive/negative, contrast manipulation, edge enhancement, organic/inorganic stripping, high/low penetration, high density alert

Image Display Features including image review, variable zoom up to 16x, view change

Additional Features: baggage counter, data and time display, all views in simultaneous preview

The TR-STS meets all international health & safety requirements.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR-STS

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The TR-CARGO is the optimal security solution for inspection of mid-size cargo, heavy baggage and large packages. The low conveyor design makes it easier to load and unload cargo and goods.

In a matter of seconds the TR-CARGO detects weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), knives, drugs and other dangerous objects which may represent a safety hazard.

It is an ergonomic, reliable and effective baggage inspection solution.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR-CARGO

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The TR-CARGODV Conveyor X-ray Scanner is intended for the visual inspection of various objects (handheld baggage, luggage and other items) without opening them.

Dual-energy imaging allows for the automatic colour-coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that, within any parcel, screening staff can easily identify dangerous objects, objects that are prohibited for importing or exporting, or objects that have not been declared.

The dual-view system means that the operator can simultaneously view two separate images (in perpendicular orientation), thus giving a more complete view of the object being scanned and reducing the need for repositioning and rescanning. This enables rapid, accurate and comprehensive threat detection.

The TR-CARGODV enables the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs and any other dangerous or prohibited items.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR-CARGO-DV

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