Device Containment

In the event of an emergency, our Device Containment solutions enable suspect devices to be isolated and contained until they can be dealt with through your official procedures. They can be deployed in a range of public places including airports, train stations, sports stadiums and retail environments to reduce the risk of explosions.

Bomb Blanket and Bomb Circle

The Todd Research Bomb Blanket & Bomb Circle minimises the impact of explosive devices in mailrooms or public spaces. The Bomb Circle is placed around the hazard, with the Bomb Blanket positioned over the circle. This eliminates the risk of direct contact, while providing an area of confinement from which the device can be examined and safely disposed of.

A fully flexible bomb blanket designed to the highest technical specification commensurate with minimising and containing the fragments of a 0.5 kg explosive charge.

Todd Research Product Sheet – Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle

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Glove Box

The Glove Box creates an airtight barrier between you and potentially dangerous items. With a hermetically sealed interior and neoprene gloves, the innovative device containment solution enables you to safely open suspicious mail with unrivalled dexterity, while ensuring that your skin is completely protected from any risk of contamination.

Bomb Bin

The Bomb Bin is a mobile blast container made from a composite material to withstand blasts and fragments from IED devices with up to 16oz (500g) of PE4 (Plastic Explosive). It has a removable inner bag, which holds suspect devices upright to facilitate X-ray inspection, and is fitted with hand loops to enable easy removal for safe transportation.

The Post Room Blast Container is designed to compliment scanning and x-ray equipment. The Blast Container enables the user to contain a suspect explosive device while awaiting the arrival of a bomb disposal team. The removable inner bag is designed to hold the device in an upright position while the datum points on the outside of the bin assist the First Responder/Bomb Disposal Team in scanning and determining the threat and the appropriate action required.