Mobile Trace Detection

With today’s heightened threat of terrorism, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, high-risk facilities, transportation, and government agencies are exploring explosives trace detection equipment, as part of a robust security strategy to help protect the public and vital infrastructure from threats.


The TR-TRACE can detect and identify a wide variety of explosives including pure explosive and composite explosives under different humidity and pressure conditions in vapour or trace (particles mode).

The list of explosives includes –

TNT, RDX, C4, Semtex, PETN, ANFO, EGDN, Nitro-glycerine (NG), Dynamite, DNT, Black Powder, Ammonia and Urea nitrates, HMTD, Tetryl and mixtures thereof.

The cost of TR-TRACE’s ownership is very low, as special consumables are not required. Regular aluminium foil swabs can be used for surface wiping in (particle mode).
This mobile trace detector does not contain any radiation sources and the warm up time is less than 1 minute.

Todd Research Product Sheet – TR-TRACE

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