Todd Research have been manufacturing Mailroom X-Ray Screening technology for over 50 years , and we know that resilience in the mailroom is not just about detecting threats . We also know that it’s also about what happens if you actually find a threat. Typically, organisations that have received postal threats in the past say that it’s critical that the accurate information is escalated quickly to enable safe evacuation / quarantine.

Todd Research are proud to announce the launch of the integration between the Callmy Emergency Messaging service and the TR-Cabinet range.  This means that for the first time a scan can be sent to a dedicated group of first responders of your choice. The callmy service has fast become the go-to service for resilience, emergency planning, and business continuity leaders because it stands on its own as a single product with endless versatility for escalating any number of emergency scenarios by use of its secure app-based service.  Callmy can send Audio, Text and Image files allowing a wide range of capabilities for the users to…

  • Create specific groups for each scenario
  • Track response rates and prompt reply’s
  • View group members location by GPS
  • Escalate mass notifications further to large communities.

Callmy allows for the creation of specific response groups, gives view of their location, offers full traceability on all communications, and has the capability to launch mass messaging to larger groups .

How does the TR-X-Ray cabinet range integrate with Callmy?

When the TR – X-ray unit produces an image, the operator can send the scan from the machine using an email function. Callmy transforms the contents of an email into an emergency notification that can be transmitted through the service. The message can then be picked up on any PC, IOS or android device that has the Callmy App.

How does the Callmy Management Portal work?

Callmy offers full telemetry to the management team through a management web portal. This offers detailed levels of information, to any command and control team. The management portal allows view of the location of the 1st responders and also gives view of the response rate of each message. If further escalation is needed it is also possible to launch mass notification to the wider community from the management portal.

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