E-Learning for operators of the TR15 and TR40 X-Ray Cabinet Scanners.

The latest generation of Todd Research’s TR15 and TR40 Cabinet style X-Ray scanners offer the best levels of detection in the market, for postal screening applications, including Advanced Powder Recognition, “Callmy” connectivity superb HD quality images.
Now operators of these units can benefit from Todd Research’s new e-learning program, designed to assist operators of the units to understand the basics needed to get the most from the technology and maximise resilience in the post-room.

Todd Research’s operator training aims to …
• To explain who, and why groups or individuals may wish to target your organisation, and the different methods of attack they might employ.
• To offer a basic knowledge of different types of potential Postal threats, including I’E’D’s, Incendiaries, CBR Threats and more.
• Promote understanding of the pre-scanning checks that should be made before X-Raying.
• To offer an understanding of how to identify threats under X-ray and how to get the most from the TR Cabinet scanners.
• To leave you operators feeling more confident about what to do the event of a postal attack.

Todd Research’s e-learning program delivers high quality distance learning that can be experienced on any desktop / hand-held device, PC. Android , IOS .
Training is hosted in a high quality LMS environment and delivers scoring for each of the five chapters.
Engaging content that cannot be skipped or bypassed.
Training culminates in a rigorous observation test which is designed to evaluate the learner’s ability to understand the key components of typical postal threats and distinguish threats from every-day items.
Training aligns to guidance offered by CPNI (Mail Screening Matters) and PAS97.
Ensuring that all operators of TR15 and TR40 Cabinet scanners have the basic knowledge needed to use the equipment and solid foundations in identifying potential threats.


Who is this e-learning aimed at?
This course is tailor made for operators of TR15 and TR40 X-Ray Cabinet scanners.

What level of training is delivered?
The training offered is an introductory course in Postal Screening and offers delegates the chance to learn the basics.

Is this training certificated?
The training consists of 5 Chapter’s. The content offered enables the delegate to take part in a final observation test assessment. They must score 100% in this test to complete the course. If they pass, they will be issued with an online certificate. If they fail, they can retake the test as many times as they please. This course is not CPD certificated.

How often should delegates refresh this training?
We recommend this training is undertaken every 2 years.

When will I receive my login details?
Once you have placed your order for training on our website, you will be sent login details to access the course within 24 hours.