The TR100A-DV is a dual view x-ray baggage inspection system designed to provide effective inspection of baggage, parcels and small cargo.

This scanner uses a dual screen layout and scanner function for identification of substances under their effective atomic number and density, using two different projections and simultaneous analyses of images from both detectors.

The dual scanner layout of the TR100A-DV offers operators maximum capacity to identify substances and detect threats. Within the software the operator is given support from various features including the ability to pseudo colour images and zoom up to 96x.

The TR100A-DV is also supported with the standard features exclusive to the Todd Research range including gamma correction, colouring based on atomic number identification, TIP, image inversion, and automatically highlighted threats. The dual scanner/screen layout coupled with support software greatly increases the detection probability of hazardous & prohibited items.

The TR100A-DV meets the requirements of customs facilities, airports, logistics companies or wherever security screening of larger, heavy packages is required.  This unit guarantees high throughput and effective screening.