When space is in short supply the TR50A x-ray scanner allows you the opportunity to avoid compromising on threat detection capability. At just 70cm wide and 120cm long this Conveyor X-ray Scanner can fit into any security checkpoint, busy mailroom environment or other space where sophisticated baggage and cargo scanning is needed.

The small profile does not hinder the TR50A’s ability to reliably detect substances and identify threats. This scanner comes with the ability to automatically identify threats as well as dual energy imaging of the system with colour coding of different atomic numbers to help the screening specialist to easily identify dangerous objects inside parcels or bags.

The compact size of the TR50A maximises space without any compromise on detection capability. Equipped with a 22” LED monitor and a 64x zoom, this scanner enables operators to view items in colour and black and white simultaneously to ensure optimum interpretation of screened items. It accommodates baggage and mail 500mm x 355mm.