The TR70A is our most popular conveyor model, offering vital protection against terrorist threats in high throughput receptions, postal and loading areas. The innovative system operates advanced X-ray technology with superior image quality and network connectivity, enabling operators to easily integrate the scanner into existing security systems.

The TR70A is an x-ray scanner that’s ideal for cost-effective, large capacity scanning solution for a range of baggage sizes in a range of environments.
The TR70A is compact; only 80cm across, allowing you to position it at checkpoints no matter what the space. It’s smaller profile does not impact performance though, as this conveyor scanner can handle baggage up to 180kg.

We package the TR70A with a specialist software package to assist operators in the quick, correct identification of threats and substances, Todd Research’s conveyor x-ray scanners come packaged with TIP, atomic number identifiers, automatic threat highlight, zoom up to 96x, automatic firearm detection and more.