Going Above and Beyond to Support Our Customers

Alongside our market-leading range of security and safety products, we also offer a full suite of services. From threat assessment and management, to health and safety compliance, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers always have the support they need.


Regardless of the size of your organisation or the budget available, it’s imperative that your security machines are maintained to a safe and functional standard. We offer a range of maintenance packages to cater for the requirements of all businesses.

Silver Maintenance

To ensure compliance with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and maximise uptime, we carry out pre-planned service calls to safety check and subsequently certify the machinery as safe and functional.

Gold Maintenance

On top of the services outlined in our Silver package, our Gold solution provides complimentary parts and labour in the event of unplanned visits*, plus staff training courses at no extra cost.

*Subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

Safe Disposal

When the time comes to replace or upgrade your machine, you’ll need a partner that can carry out Safe Disposal of your equipment, make safe, remove it from its point of use and ultimately dispose/recycle it in such a way as to meet your corporate responsibility and complies with the relevant regulatory, health and safety and environmental considerations.*

At Todd Research we can carry out Safe Disposal of your unit. Prior to removal, we will gather information to ensure the unit is extricated safely and promptly. If required, we can visit the site to dismantle the scanner, ready for collection. Following removal to our Cambridgeshire facility, the equipment is disassembled and components disposed of, or where appropriate recycled.

On completion of this process, your organisation would be issued with a certificate confirming we have removed the equipment and disposed of it appropriately.

*We are fully compliant with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE). The Todd Research EPRN is: WEE/MM9891AA

Purchase and Leasing Options

At Todd Research we believe it’s our duty to ensure that our products aren’t just effective for all businesses, but affordable for all businesses too. That’s why we offer a choice of purchasing and leasing options, catering for a range of budgets.

Outright Purchase

Paying upfront and in full is still the most popular purchasing method for the majority of our customers. However, we are seeing increasing demand for alternative payment methods such as leasing.

Flexible Leasing

If it makes more sense for your business to spread to cost, we can help. Working with a reputable independent finance company, we provide a range of leasing payment plans over three, five and seven years.

Threat Management

Do you understand the risks to your organisations personnel and infrastructure? What measures and procedures do you have in place to counter attacks via the postal system? How confident are you in your team’s ability to detect a dangerous device entering your building? How sufficiently well trained is your team to deal with any suspect device?

How can we help you with Threat Management?

Our Threat Assessment Managers will work with you to get you to a stage where you can answer these vital questions with confidence and conviction. A team of specialist advisors will guide you through the entire evaluation process step by step, enabling you to better identify threats and better manage your security procedures.


With over 70 years of experience handling X-ray equipment, we offer a bespoke relocation service for organisations looking to relocate and install their current X-ray scanner at a new location.

If the time comes to relocate your machine, you’ll need a partner that can  ensure this is carried out safely, in such a way as to meet your corporate responsibility and complies with the relevant regulatory, health and safety and environmental considerations.

At Todd Research we can carry out the relocation of your unit. Prior to relocation, we will gather information to ensure the unit is moved safely and promptly.

Business Continuity

In this era of rapid response, reputation and market share can easily be eroded following an inadequate response in the wake of a period of disruption. It’s critical that businesses continue to deliver products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a serious incident.

When it comes to ensuring business continuity, we can assist in a number of ways. This can be part of the pre-planning and logistics capability, where the requirement is for scanning equipment to be housed off-site. Alternatively, organisations can hire equipment that can be rapidly deployed at your business continuity site at short notice.

Whatever direction you take, our professionals will work alongside your team to enable your business to continue accepting mail in a safe and efficient way.

Mailroom Design

We provide a range of design services to assist customers in creating the most effective mailroom to combat the threat of suspicious items. With in depth knowledge of PAS 97:2015, a specification for mail screening and security, we can provide guidance on everything you need to help identify and implement appropriate postal security and screening measures.

Whatever specific risks your organisation faces, we’ll design and execute a compliant mailroom plan that ticks every single box – from ensuring that the flow of mail into your workplace minimises day-to-day risk, to creating a system that’s easy to maintain, setting you up to remain fully compliant with the requirements of PAS 97:2015.

Powder Threat Management

We can teach your staff how to spot the signs of harmful substances, with robust guidelines for the handling and safe disposal of powder and biological threats.
We offer a holistic service with a range of products and guidance documents to assist our customers in the detection, containment and safe disposal of powder threats.

As part of our Suspect Packages Training Course, we will run you through an action plan for dealing with powder threats. Finally, all of our X-ray Cabinet Scanners have software called EPD (Enhanced Powder Detection) for the detection of powders.

For further guidance on the subject of Powder Threat Management, please download our Powder Threat Management Guidance Document, which provides more in-depth guidance for handling potentially hazardous powders and biological packages.

Registering with HSE

It’s mandatory for employers to notify the HSE before using X-ray equipment. Our HSE management service will help you to ensure complete compliance.

Prior to using the X-ray Scanner under Schedule 2 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017, an employer is required to notify the HSE when proposing to use equipment capable of emitting ionising radiation. The form IRR6 needs completing and submitting online.

For further information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact Todd Research or ring the HSE Info Line on 08701 545500. It is advised that the machine should not be used until you have received confirmation from the HSE.

Operator Training

Operator Training usually takes place immediately after installation and commissioning or during annual service visits by our engineers. It is an interactive session conducted on the machine and lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.

Operator Training – Key Learnings

  • Basic Operation of the unit
  • Special features i.e. image enhancement tools
  • Guide to identification of suspect packages
  • “Actions” on finding a suspect package
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17)
  • Health & Safety
  • Fault finding
  • Contacting Todd Research

Who should attend?

  • All mailroom and security staff that use the X-ray scanning equipment on a regular basis
  • All nominated users should be trained, ideally in groups not exceeding 8 people

Please note, this training is not a substitute for our Suspect Package Training Course. It is an introduction on how to use the machine and its capabilities.