Todd Research are delighted to announce the launch of their latest Cabinet X-ray Scanner. The very latest generation TR40 +Smart Scan cabinet scanner from Todd Research provides a new benchmark of threat detection and image management for cabinet scanners.

At the heart of the TR40 +Smart Scan is a complete new software platform, managing the functionality and an intuitive user interface via a touch screen monitor.

The smart card login means the TR40 +Smart Scan can be configured to enable data collection of individual user sessions, further enhancing the effectiveness of the operators.

The in-built enhancement tools of the TR40 enable the captured image to be further investigated. The remote networking capabilities make for easy sharing and storage of images and can be utilised as part of the organisation’s escalation process. With Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD™) software as standard, powder-based threats items can also be interrogated.

This is the largest cabinet scanner in the range, the generous chamber can accommodate mail sacks, large boxes and courier deliveries. With its one touch operation, the TR40 allows rapid processing of scanned items all within a compact footprint.