When an x-ray scanner is around 6 – 8 years old, the chances are it will still be fully serviceable, however as these machines age the components and images degrade and eventually become unreliable and incapable in detecting dangerous items.

From now until 30th September 2021, Todd Research are offering up to £2,000 discount when you upgrade your current X-ray Scanner. Along with the discount, you will also receive FREE safe disposal of your old scanner, and FREE Suspect Package training (either online or in person).

As part of the Scrappage Scheme, both outright purchase and leasing options are available, with leasing packages starting from just £211 per month. 

Contact us today for more information.

The X-ray Scrappage scheme is running from now until 30th September, this is not just limited to Todd Research machines and any make or model is eligible for this offer.
Any orders placed after 30th September 2021 will not be eligible.