So, your company has decided to purchase an X-Ray scanner. It’s definitely a wise decision to invest in this kind of security equipment, and the benefits to your business are obvious. The welfare of an organisation’s personnel and what the business does to implement such safety within the infrastructure is extremely important. Not only to conform to rules and regulations but also to genuinely ensure the protection or your staff and others.

However, what may be less is obvious is what type and model of X-Ray scanner to purchase. For someone that may not be a security specialist it can be overwhelming how many options are available. You might find that a conveyor scanner looks interesting but a cabinet scanner may be what you need.

Fortunately, there will be an option that’s right for you. And you don’t need to know every technical detail about a scanner to choose the right one. To help, ask yourself these 3 questions, Conveyor or Cabinet? What items will you be scanning? What are you trying to identify?


Conveyor or cabinet?

Firstly, it will be useful to know the differences between a conveyor scanners and a cabinet scanner and whether one or the other is appropriate for you.

The size of your mailroom and the day-to-activities of the workplace will guide which type of x-ray scanner is best for your business.

A conveyor scanner is obviously very similar to what you will see at an airport, they are suitable for high capacities and ideal for Law Enforcement & Government Buildings, Banks, VIP Residences, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Schools & Universities and Public Event Venues.

A cabinet scanner offers many of the same detection benefits as a conveyor but you open and close the door on your items that you need to scan. They are ideal for mailrooms and reception areas as they take up less room than a conveyor and can be stood up, moved around on wheels or even placed onto a table or desk.


What items will you be scanning?

It will be useful to think about what items you will be scanning. If it will just be parcels and letters than a cabinet scanner with a smaller capacity will suffice. But what if it’s briefcases and backpacks? Conveyor scanners are designed for these but there are also cabinet scanners with larger capacities.


What are you looking for?

Conveyors and cabinets have many different features and functionalities that can detect explosives, incendiaries, weapons and contraband. The average size of what you wish to scan will help determine the type of machine required, whether this is  a single letter, mail sacks, large boxes, courier deliveries or baggage.

X-ray scanners allow you to distinguish between your average post and malicious mail, letting you confidently carry on with duties without any added hassle or stress.

Answering these 3 simple questions will give you a better understanding when it comes to speaking to the experts, they will be able to discuss the more technical details and additions, things you may or may not want. Research is key and every bit of knowledge is useful for improving your security.

Still unsure? Contact us with any questions you may have.