The security supplier of choice

CIS Security Limited was founded in London in 1969. The company started in security management, offering advice to clients around security best practices, as well as loss prevention and commercial investigation services. CIS entered the guarding industry in 1972 and, today, the company provides security officers to a wide range of sectors across the UK. Jon Felix, Risk & Threat Advisor at CIS, explained: “We work with clients on various projects that fall outside our usual provision of security guards, such as the design and delivery of bespoke security solutions. This includes CCTV monitoring, metal detectors and X-ray scanners, and can be for a permanent set-up, or something temporary for a special event. For example, we’ve worked closely with a prominent gallery in London to set up standalone alarms and CCTV monitoring for specific events.”

Collaboration with Todd Research
Working in security for such a long time encourages the formation of long-lasting relationships, and CIS has collaborated closely with Todd Research for many years. Jon elaborated: “Todd Research is usually our first point of call whenever we need X-ray scanners or metal detection equipment. We have used both its cabinet- and conveyor-type scanners, and other items such as bomb blankets and blast suppressants for many years. We are always happy with the quality of the products, and we receive great feedback from our clients regarding how they work, as well as the service provided by Todd Research.”

Joint training
It is important to ensure that staff receive appropriate training in operating X-ray scanners, and that the radiation levels are regularly checked to ensure they are within the legally allowed limits. Todd Research has a long history in providing operator and radiation supervisor courses, and is regularly involved in training CIS personnel. Jon continued: “We often turn to Todd when we want to appoint and train radiation protection supervisors, as the company’s offerings perfectly complement our training protocols. The Todd Research team shows how to operate the scanners, and we follow this up with our own bespoke methods for suspect package awareness, counterterrorism and threat base, incorporating the relevant equipment as required. For example, our suspect package course is very similar to the instructions that Todd builds into its machines, and so we’ll run through them both as part of a training matrix. It’s truly a joint effort, with our knowledge and experience bolstered by the expert advice from Todd Research.”

Strong relationship
Jon concluded: “The level of service that Todd Research provides is exceptional. The communication is spot on; whenever we need something or have a query, they always reply quickly. The partnership is professional, and our relationship is seamless. This benefit extends to all of our clients, so if we ever need X-ray scanning or metal detection equipment, we always go to Todd Research.”
Jason Wakefield, Sales Director at Todd Research, commented: “I have been working closely with CIS for a number of years and have assisted the company with many projects. It is an absolute pleasure to support an organisation that shares the same values as Todd Research, and we look forward to continuing this relationship by launching new products and services to expand our portfolio.”