To ensure robust management of radiation safety, it is prudent to appoint one or more individuals as Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS).

This course will equip your RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor) with a good appreciation of radiation risk, focusing on practical measures for protecting operators and staff.

As the RPS you receive formal training in your duties and a good appreciation of the radiation risk. The training is pitched at a suitable level for those new to the subject, focusing on practical measures for protecting operators & staff.

By receiving formal training, you can rest assured that you have a great understanding of radiation safety and are capable of implementing the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your staff. This will not only keep your employees safe, but also demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to their well-being.

On 14th December we are holding RPS Training on Microsoft Teams, and any bookings made between now and end of November will receive 25% discount!

These places are limited, please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to reserve any places.