When financing the purchase of your Todd Research equipment, we aim to offer an option that is right for your business. The finance method used will often be dependent on the individual businesses cash flow and profitability profile as well as corporate procurement policy.
If leasing is the preferred option then Todd Research, via our leasing partner, can provide cost effective payment plans spread over a period to suit your business be it 3, 5 or 7 years.

In partnership with CF Capital, Todd Research are delighted to introduce to you the CF Shield for affordable leasing on vital security equipment.

The CF Shield offers customers either 3 or 6 months of low monthly costs when signing up to one of our leasing packages. Bringing you the equipment you need now, at an affordable cost.

Leasing – The Benefits

Leasing enable you to keep your equipment up-to-date. With changes in scanner capabilities, equipment will eventually become obsolete. With leasing, the financial burden of equipment obsolescence is passed to the leasing company.  Example; You have a Three-year lease on an x-ray machine. After the lease expires, you are free to lease the latest specification equipment.

Predictable monthly expenses; you have a pre-determined monthly expenditure which enables effective budgeting.

Nothing to pay up front; new equipment can be acquired without a down payment, this frees up working capital and aids cash flow.

Acquire and commission multiple units; you are able to install equipment across multiple sites with minimal impact to working capital.

Efficient use of equipment; you decide for how long you’ll need the equipment, and arrange the lease period accordingly.

Flexibility; if you decide you need to keep using the equipment after the lease finishes, let us know and we may extend the period of the lease.

Potentially positive tax implications; if you’re a VAT registered business VAT on rentals is recoverable and your rental payments may be offset against taxable profits

Simple; fast approval procedures with clear straightforward documentation.

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