The growth of Todd Research is ongoing, and we are delighted to now offer a full portfolio of world class x-ray detection equipment designed to the highest standards in order to meet with the ever-changing demands of the aviation industry.

We recently introduced our newest member of the Todd Research team, Terence Maloney, Business Development Manager for the Aviation Industry.
With 14 years’ experience with the Aviation Logistics sector, working with Major Airlines and Security Regulators to maintain and improve security within the industry. Terry joins the team with comprehensive knowledge on security procedures and the primary aim of introducing bespoke X-Ray screening solutions into new sectors of the aviation supply chain.

Amongst our wide range of X-ray scanner, metal detection and device containment products, we are delighted to be able to offer a full portfolio of Aviation Security products, from Cargo Scanning, Conveyor Scanners and Vehicle Scanning technology, we are able to offer fully scalable solutions to keep staff and passengers safe from threats. Backed up with our unique service cover, Todd Research is the obvious choice for the Aviation Industry.
Read on for more information on just some of our latest Aviation Security products.

The TR-CARGO is the optimal security solution for inspection of mid-size cargo, heavy baggage and large packages. In a matter of seconds, the TR-CARGO detects weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), knives, drugs and other dangerous objects which may represent a safety hazard.

The X-ray Inspection System, TR-STS trolley scanner, is a specially designed system for the inspection of airline service trolleys. The specially designed U-shaped detectors allows you to achieve 100% inspection of an airline service trolley, complete with food and beverages.

The TR-VS is an effective and intelligent solution for seaports, airports, border crossings, which helps to identify prohibited items and check whether the contents of containers match the documentation. A dual-energy technology with automatic colour coding and material discrimination allows to distinguish organic, non-organic materials and metals. TR-VS provides a high-resolution lateral view of the scanned vehicle or cargo.

If you’re in the market for innovative products and outstanding service, please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss your requirements.